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My first thoughts when beginning an author’s blog are those of gratitude. This is such an exciting time! The initial picture books in the new series of So Big & Little Bit Adventures ™ are ready to launch. Two more books are in the wings for publication this fall. The Little Fig, LLC website is online. Requests are coming in to place these bilingual books in Barnes & Noble, on Amazon, on e-books and in schools. Authors and illustrators are submitting their works for consideration to publish.


So my initial blog post is …………………… A GI-NORMOUS THANK YOU


to everyone who has contributed their support, their time, their talents, and their hours of dedication in creating the works that robin hickschildren and adults will enjoy for years to come.


Thanks to Robin Hicks who has spent hour after hour, day after day, month after month, in completing the color designs and setting up the proper formats for hardcover, paperback and ebooks. Your knowledge and expertise bring life to everything you touch. You far exceed expectations in producing exemplary graphic designs. I am honored you are a part of creating this legacy. You are absolutely awesome!!!alex smith


Thanks to Alex Smith who first introduced me to the wonderful world of Djembe drums. Your patience in teaching me to play, your knowledge of instruments and your mastery of rhythm adds superior depth and quality to the theme songs and jingles offered online. You are one very talented man!!!



Thanks to Jennifer Smith whose musical expertise and creative lyrics add delightful songs and jingles to accompany each children’s book. Your cheerful vocals and unique style create an atmosphere where even adults are caught dancing down the hall. You are an unbelievably talented musical artist with a beautiful soul!!!george hunt


Thanks to George Hunt who is the master of production at Chapman’s Mastering and Recording Studio. Your patience towards those of us new to recording, your tireless hours of edits and your expertise in producing high quality music and voice-overs is unbelievably amazing. Your kindness and love for humanity is heartwarming. You are perfectly incredible!!!

marlee coyne

Thanks to Marlee Coyne for your translations, your voice overs of both English and Spanish book readings, and for your entertaining stories told in between recording edits. You are a wonderful teacher and I am honored to be among the hundreds you are instructing with such dedication. Your voice has the perfect tones, allowing all to sit back and simply enjoy listening. You are astounding!!!


phil singleton kansas city


Thanks to Phil Singleton, owner of Kansas City Web Design, for developing and launching The Little Fig, LLC onto the internet. Your guidance and instruction combined with the desire to meet our requests for a new and unique web address has created an awe-inspiring website. Your attention to detail, your innovative and client specific site development, and your dedication in placing the company in the top SEO searches is unmeasurable. You are priceless!!!

A very special thanks to my family and friends who have been so very patient, helpful and understanding. This past year my time has been spent with the start-up of a publishing company with my friend/illustrator, hiring a graphic designer, contracting musicians and translators, writing 7 books, and publishing 4 children’s bilingual picture books. All this was only possible because of their love, support, and encouragement to fulfill my dreams.

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