Based in the Kansas City metro area, The Little Fig publishes multi-lingual and special-situation children’s books for pre-school and early-elementary-school aged children. The books are intended to be both entertaining and educational, teaching concepts, facts and, usually, a second language. Many of the books use race-neutral, gender-neutral animal characters.

The bilingual books give equal emphasis to both languages. Spanish/English books are available in hard cover, soft cover and enhanced e-book formats. In addition, selected titles will be available in e-book and print-on-demand formats. Some titles are offered in the following languages:


English / Arabic (available online only)

English / Chinese (Mandarin)(普通话)

English / French / Anglais / Français

English / German / Deutsch

English / Korean / 영어/한글

English / Portuguese / Inglês / Português

English / Spanish / Español

English / Tagalog / Ingles/Tagalog

English / Telugu / ఇంగ్లీషు / తెలుగు

English / Urdu (available online only)

English / Vietnamese / Tiếng Anh / Tiếng Việt


They are the perfect ancillary picture books for elementary school curriculum when English is a second language. To enrich learning, hard copies include a web address for academic enhancements and e-books come with both English and foreign language audio tracks. Spanish audio tracks are also available for free on YouTube, though the book’s contents are not displayed. The company’s website, https://thelittlefig.com, also offers free downloadable activity sheets for each published title. Some titles include title specific composed jingles for children’s entertainment.

Target Audiences

END USERS: The target end users are primarily preschool and early-elementary-school aged children who need to or wish to learn a second language. The secondary end-user audience is all preschool and early-elementary-school aged children.

BUYERS: The target audiences for the marketing plan will be the teachers, families and caregivers of the above end users. They will be targeted according to the importance of the end-user market.