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Always Learning ;+)

Throughout the years I have found that there is always an opportunity to learn something new.  This past week I have been with working with a web specialist to add fig4kids’ pages and complete updates to When reviewing the various web pages I discovered that that my blogs were not being posted. In fact, they were no place to be found.


I am an educated person. I multi-task daily with a vast array of project responsibilities from owning, publishing and marketing bilingual children’s picture books to taking care of loved ones in need.  I write, edit, read, write and edit again. Then I post on the numerous media sites.


Silly me! I was informed last night that I must hit the “Publish” button before any of my blogs can be viewed by others. It is good to be humbled occasionally by the simple tasks and to be made aware of how very human I really am.


Lesson learned – “Publish” buttons are necessary if I wish for any future blogs to be viewed.




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