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Herds of Birds, Oh How Absurd!

¡Las Manadas de Aves, Que Absurdo!
Des troupeaux d’oiseaux, c’est absurde !
Những đàn chim buồn cười làm sao!
పక్షుల హెర్డ్స్ (Herds) ఓహ్ ఎంత అర్థంలేని మాట!
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Written by S. J. Bushue
Illustrated by TBA
Published by Star Bright Books
Publication date: 2020
Available in multiple languages

For Preschool to 5th grade

Originally published in 2015, an updated version with new illustrations is coming in 2020 from Star Bright Books!

HERDS OF BIRDS is a re-illustrated playful presentation of collective nouns. You may have heard of a herd of cows, but how about a flamboyance of flamingos? And what is a group of porcupines called? Watch out, because the wrong answer makes them rather prickly! Translated into multiple languages, and continuing the narration with some intriguing back matter, this book has a planned release date in 2020.

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Publication date: 2020 by Star Bright Books
Product dimensions: 8.5in X 8.5in
Page count: 36
Language(s): Bilingual English/Spanish
Multilingual works for kids
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