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This review was written by Brittany Mayfield and featured at Laugh Out Loud Mommy, on October 5, 2015.

BooksLearning at least a second language can be of huge value nowadays. If you’re anything like me, the extent of my foreign language training doesn’t go too far past my freshmen year of high school, and the only words I can remember are my colors, how to say bathroom, hello, and goodbye. So, teaching my children a second language does not come naturally. So, when I was asked to review these bi-lingual books, I was beyond excited. I have tried to teach my children a foreign language before, but some programs just get a bit complicated and we do it once or twice and then it collects dust.

These books were awesome! Each page has a sentence in English at the top, and the corresponding Spanish translation on the bottom.


ReadingI really think it was the bright, eye popping colors, and the animals that really captivated the kids’ attention. Really it captivated my attention too, stuff for adults can be so boring, there needs to be more picture books for us (yea I said it). My husband and I had just as much fun as the kids trying to pronounce the words in Spanish. The whole family got into it. I would say it has been the easiest method that I have tried so far, in my quest to teach the kids a foreign language.


ReadingThe really fascinating part to me, was that they have different language choices for some of the books (such as English/German, English/Korean, to name a few). So, you can pick the two languages you prefer from their choices. The concept is so neat. All of the boys enjoyed them, from the 1 year old to the 8 year old, and as we know, you can never be too young or old (in my case) to learn something new.

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