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Since childhood I have liked watching animals, especially when they are gathered in groups. I knew the most common names for animal groups like a herd of cows, or a covey of quail, or a pride of lions. I was fascinated to see how each group appeared to develop a certain order of responsibility and gave each member a specific role.

Years later when a family friend was going out of town I agreed to care for her two ferrets. While watching the adorable balls of fur scurry about I began to wonder what a group of ferrets was called. Internet research revealed a most fitting name, a business of ferrets.

That spiked my curiosity about other animal group names. I was surprised how appropriately the animal group names described their characteristics. Thus, was born So Big & Little Bit Adventures ™ in “Herds of Birds, Oh How Absurd”.

Title: “Herds of Birds, Oh How Absurd!”
Author: S. J. Bushue
Spanish title: “Las Manadas de Aves, Que Absurdo”
Hardcover (POD) ISBN-13: 978-1-63333-004-7
Hardcover (LIBRARY QUALITY) 978-1-63333-013-9
E-book ISBN-13:   9781633330054
Publisher: The Little Fig, LLC
Publication date: September 15, 2014
Series: So Big & Little Bit Adventures™
Language(s): Bilingual – English + Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Telugu, Urdu, Vietnamese
Pages: Hardcover – 38 pages     Paperback – 36 pages
Age range: 1 year through 5th grade
Product dimensions: 8.5” X 8/5”
Product available formats: Hardcover, Paperback, & E-books
Voice-over narration: Yes   English / Spanish read out loud
Library Quality hardcover $18.95
Softcover $9.95   E-books $9.99

English / Arabic (available online only): 978-1-63333-026-9
English / Chinese (Mandarin)(普通话): 978-1-63333-027-6
English / French / Anglais / Français: 978-1-63333-028-3
English / German / Deutsch: 978-1-63333-029-0
English / Korean / 영어/한글: 978-1-63333-031-3
English / Portuguese / Inglês / Português: 978-1-63333-033-7
English / Spanish / Español: 978-1-63333-013-9
English / Tagalog / Ingles/Tagalog: 978-1-63333-034-4
English / Telugu / ఇంగ్లీషు / తెలుగు: 978-1-63333-030-6
English / Urdu (available online only): 978-1-63333-032-0
English / Vietnamese / Tiếng Anh / Tiếng Việt: 978-1-63333-035-1

All of So Big & Little Bit Adventures™ series picture books are available in equal presentations of both English and Spanish languages. We will be expanding into other languages in the future. Do you have a language you prefer? We appreciate your suggestions so send us an email at

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