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The concepts for this book are two-fold. First, my granddaughter had been asking if she could get a cat. She loves animals and truly believed a cat would be a great compliment to the Great Danes who were already part of her family. I asked her what kind of cat she would like. You guessed it. Her response was not one of naming any of the common household breeds.
A few months later I was looking through some original paintings created by my business partner/illustrator. One of her original paintings was that of a young girl standing next to a lion.
Immediately I knew this book would be the next to be published. Behind the story for this book was born and the fun began by researching various “cats” around the world.

Title: “Momma Said I Could Have a Cat
Spanish title: Mamá dijo que yo podía tener un gato
Hardcover (POD) ISBN-13: 9781633330399
Paperback ISBN-13: 9781633330412
E-book ISBN-13:
Publisher: The Little Fig, LLC
Publication date: October 15,2015
Series: Momma Said Series
Language(s): Bilingual – English / Spanish
Pages: Hardcover – 36 pages Paperback – 36 pages
Age range: Preschool – 5th grade
Product dimensions: 8.5” X 11
Product available formats: Hardcover, Paperback, & E-books
Voice-over narration: Yes English/Spanish translations read out loud
Print-on-Demand hardcover $18.95
Softcover $9.95     E-books $9.99

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