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Now reporting, Ian Sect, roving reporter for RBUG in Bugland, on location with breaking news:

Firefly’s newsflash tracks the spread of pollen.

Queen Bee reveals secrets behind the colony’s wiggle-waggle dance.

Dung Beetle’s super scoop saves the planet from piles of you-know-what.

Showcases decomposers, pollinators, and insects who live in colonies. This narrative nonfiction enhances children's learning of our ecological interdependence with layered text and entertaining illustrations throughout.

Meet Warfa, a refugee who struggles to adapt to his new elementary school. Haunted by distressing memories, he turns to his grandmother and her sage African proverb:

Ninna dab buu ka baqaa, ninna dambaas buu ka baqaa.

One man fears fire; another man fears ashes.

This debut story in a series of children’s picture books brings the relevance of African proverbs to our modern world. A story, lesson, guide, and inspiration to all children, but especially to those dealing with trauma.

The Little Fig’s Authors, Illustrators, and Artists from around the world.

We make learning fun!

Focusing on nonfiction and multilingual books, guides, lovies, activities, and more to spark discovery, promote literacy, encourage physical activity, and offer outlets for positive expression.

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