The Little Fig publishes multi-lingual and special-situation children’s books for pre-school and early-elementary-school aged children. Children can learn through visual, auditory and multiple language formats. The books are intended to be both entertaining and educational, teaching concepts, facts and, usually, a second language. Many of the books use race-neutral, gender-neutral animal characters. We offer:

  • Multilingual language learning
  • Engaging characters
  • Vivid colors
  • Educational tools
  • Free activity sheets
  • Music jingles composed for each title
  • Free Spanish audio available on YouTube

This website also offers free downloadable activity sheets and coloring pages. Check out the fig4kids’ section to sing along with the title-specific jingles composed for each book.
We are committed to giving back to the community. A portion of all profits is allocated for charitable contributions. Our long-term vision includes publishing more bilingual children’s books and specialty items as well as branching into other products for children and families.

Bilingual titles listed below are currently available nationwide on Amazon, in Barnes & Noble, KOBO, through Ingram and more.  Wholesale discounts are honored. Watch for more bilingual titles coming soon. Spanish titles are:

So Big and Little Bit Adventures Series™

  • Frog Has No Fur  / La Rana No Tiene Pelo
  • Herds of Birds, Oh How Absurd / ¡Las Manadas de Aves, Que Absurdo!
  • Happy Happy Holidays! / Felices, Felices Dias Festivos

The Momma Series™

  • Momma Said I Could Have a Cat / Mama Dijo Que Yo Pudiera Tener Un Gato

Learning Books

  • Potty in the Potty Chair
  • Hacer Pipi´ En La Bacinica

Concept Books

  • Dinosaurs Count / Los Dinosaurios Cuentan

Specialty Products

  • Little Bit & Friends CD / Pequeñito y Amigos CD
  • Dinosaur Size Chart
  • So Big & Little Bit T-Shirt
  • Cat & Kira Tee

Be sure to check out free music jingles, activities and Spanish read aloud on each book page and in the fig4kids’ section.

Some titles are available in English + Chinese, French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Telugu, and Vietnamese.  Arabic and Urdu translations available upon request.

Contact Sherry 913-226-6099 for more details.


The Little Fig proudly announces the addition of several authors to the team this year. You will also be seeing more illustrators incorporated in some of the new titles for 2017. Look for dragons, monsters and more in the coming months!

Most of The Little Fig publications for children’s picture books integrate equivalent displays of bilingual languages. This is supremely helpful to parents, teachers, librarians and children whose English is a second language. Additionally, books with bilingual presentations on each page decrease the costs when purchasing one children’s bilingual book instead of two copies in different languages. Currently some Little Fig titles are available in:


English / Chinese (Mandarin)(普通

English / French /  Français 

Englisch / German / Deutsch

English / Korean / 영어/한글

English / Portuguese / Português

English / Spanish / Espanol

English / Tagalog / Tagalog

English / Telugu / ఇంగ్లీషు / తెలుగు

English / Vietnamese / Tiếng Anh / Tiếng Việt

Arabic and Urdu are available in text only format upon request.

There are numerous benefits to children who speak 2 or more languages. Some highlights include:

  • Bilingual publications allow children to read and speak in their native language, becoming more academically literate in an organic and fluid manner.
  • Research shows almost half of the world’s population speak 2 languages or more.
  • Speaking and reading the easier language allows for more effortless transfer of literacy skills and concepts promoting overall language mastery development.

Checkout online articles for in-depth studies showing the benefits of bilingual publications.

The Little Fig welcomes new authors and illustrators who promote both diversity and educational opportunities for children. Feel free to submit your manuscript or samples of your artistic style to sherry@thelittlefig.com. Be sure to place all items in the body of the email as attachments are NOT opened. In the subject line please write Submission and your name.

Submissions accepted. Contact Sherry at sherry@thelittlefig.com for submission requirements.

Spanish read out loud and music jingles composed for each title are available now – visit our YouTube channel here.