workshops for teens and young adults

Workshops for Teens and Young Adults

Now Scheduling fall 2023 through 2024. Please contact me L. S. Moore

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One of my favorite responsibilities when I worked for a public library was leading writing workshops for teens! I love to pass along craft tips and strategies. If your creative writing students or writers’ group meets within 100 miles of Kansas City, MO, you can engage me to present in person. My workshops are geared for groups of 4 – 20 participants, aged 13 and up. And yes, I can adapt them for young-at-heart adult writers.

Book Clubs are another one of my favorite things! If your book club reads BridgeKeeper, and we can work out a date and time, I’ll Zoom in (virtually) free of charge.

Workshop topics

From Fanfiction to Fantastic Originals — Creating fanfiction is a great first lesson in the craft of writing! It can become the first step toward publishing a debut novel too. This workshop will show participants how much they’re learning from writing fanfiction and how to transition to creating worlds and characters that are completely their own.

Writing Monsters — Whether you want your readers to love them or fear them, the best monsters are believable. Using creative biographies, interactive interviews and shrewd descriptions, participants will learn to create interesting, complicated monsters who’ll steal readers’ hearts…or chill their souls.

Your Story, Start to Finish — Don’t let your stories end up stuffed in a drawer, abandoned half way through. We’ll explore how to start with a good idea – how to use scene and sequel, the building blocks of stories – and how goals and conflict propel characters’ journey’s all the way to, “The End”. This is a great workshop for NaNoWriMo.

Show Don’t Tell — The single most powerful rule of good writing. Sensory details, action and dialogue immerse readers in a story, allowing them to experience scenes along with the characters. In this workshop I’ll use fun, interactive exercises to help writers understand and hone this essential skill.


Cemeteries: They’re Not Just for Ghost Stories — Looking for character names, story ideas, or a peaceful place to write? Head to the nearest cemetery! In this workshop we’ll explore the many ways graveyards can feed a writer’s muse any time of year, no matter what your genre.

Questions? Contact me L. S. Moore if you have another topic in mind. I may be able to customize workshops for teens and young adults.