The Little Fig takes pride in collaborations that promote literacy, ignite discovery, and inspire. 

The Little Fig is a traditional publisher, specializing on creating juvenile nonfictions and multilingual books and products for children. Our editors, graphic designers, authors, and illustrators work as a team from concept through creation to ensure your vision is met. Our intellectual properties attorney secures fulfillment of copyrights, license, and agreements.  

The Covid-19 pandemic, hurricanes, wildfires, refugees fleeing war and persecution, and young ones in Child Protective Services, all touch our hearts with a desire to do more.

Even in the face of extreme challenges, we believe learning provides hope. Our team continues to publish diverse, nonfiction, multilingual children’s books and expands to include products, tools, and services to offer healthy coping skills, reaching the whole child. We wish to give hope and knowledge to exceed. We focus on sparking each child’s curiosity so they may move forward with confidence.  

The Little Fig’s team appreciates these and so many others who come to us to publish books and craft products for children. 

  • Collaborated with Walter Gilbert and the Sarasota School District to bring The Greatest Thing: A Story About Buck O’Neil and the Enhanced Curriculum Guide into their 4th grade curriculum.
  • Licensed with The Negro Baseball Museum NLBM, Major League Baseball, and First Base Enterprises, The Little Fig published the debut in a series of children’s sports biographies, The Greatest Thing: A Story About Buck O’Neil.
  • Partnered with Park University, our team developed and instructed a Nonfiction Writers Intensive (NWI) that led to publication of several picture book biographies which show diversity in an authentic sharing of what is possible.
  • Created for Kuzidi, a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit charity, we proudly produce  books and products to provide much-needed multilingual programs, activities, and services to improve the lives of children who suffer trauma from disasters or are underserved, refugees, victims due to COVID-19, or have been abused.   
  • Collaborated with Minnesota’s Association of Children’s Mental Health to provide SEL (social-emotional learning) books, enhanced curriculum guides, and comfort toys for refugee children from Somalia. Fire and Ashes, A Boy and an African Proverb is the debut in this series. Professional counselors use the wisdom of African elders that is woven throughout these picture book stories.
  • Co-sponsored The Bilingual Bash with the Natural History Museum at Prairiefire, to bring bilingual books to life through interactive movement, rhythm, and songs in both English and Spanish.
  • Developed The Little Fig’s Mandarin picture books for the Chinese Immersion Program in the Blue Valley School District, an ongoing program for full submersion classrooms.
  • Crafted title-specific curriculum guides that provide extensive Common Core and STREAM-aligned activities and templates that enhance cognitive skills and knowledge, offer social/emotional activities, and hands-on discovery.



S. J. Bushue founded The Little Fig in 2014, inspired by teachers, librarians, parents, and caregivers who had shared their concerns regarding the limited availability of diverse books for young children, especially those who had English as a second language. Her local school district was vastly multilingual, with over 67 different languages being spoken.

The Little Fig has now expanded to include publishing juvenile nonfiction and products to spark discovery, promote literacy, encourage physical activity, and offer outlets for positive expression. 

Sherry named her company The Little Fig because she sees fig trees and children’s education as quite similar in their potential; each originates from a tiny seed then swiftly grows, spreading into all environments, cultures, and strata. She has a passion for planting seeds of knowledge by creating children’s books and products that incorporate visual, auditory, and multiple language formats to inspire and nourish children worldwide. 

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