author events for kids

Author Events for Kids


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Nancy Kelly Allen’s route to award-winning books has more twists and turns than a winding mountain road. She worked as a social worker and an elementary school teacher. When Allen changed career paths and became a school librarian, the route led her straight to the world of children’s books. She spent days reading to children and nights writing for them. Eventually, writing led her down the trail to publication. She now has 52 books and often conducts author visits to schools in Kentucky and surrounding states. 

Allen will customize writing programs to meet the needs of the teacher.

Kiss Your Brain (PreK-2nd)

To engage students and get them excited about reading, I introduce a variety of my books—fiction, nonfiction, biography. I discuss how stories are born, read from some books, and explain the idea behind their creation. I also conduct a storytelling activity. The entire program is interactive, and students play various roles. Fun + Learning = Success (45-60 minutes) 

In My Book (PreK – 8th grade)

I lead students in creating a concept book based on an event at your school, such as a field trip to a zoo. The books provide an opportunity for a class project in which each student writes and illustrates one page of the book for a classroom book. Copies can be printed for each student. Another option: Some companies provide one blank book for a classroom and copies can be ordered. (Multiple sessions)

Readers Theater (Grades 3 and up)

I provide a script based on one of my books—Dear Komodo Dragon, Bugs on the Job, or Dear Vampire (insects and animals out for blood). This activity reinforces reading, vocabulary, speaking in front of a group, listening skills, as well as animal biology. Students practice the script parts several times, focusing on pronunciation, inflection, expression, and varied vocal volume; then they present the program. Students will be assigned speaking or non-speaking roles. Some may participate in creating props, such as masks.

Paint Pictures with Words: Writing Fiction, Nonfiction, or Poetry) (Grades 3 and up)

Students will use descriptive writing (similes, metaphors, word choice, alliteration, rule of three, onomatopoeia—and more) as they write stories, poetry, and essays. Creating imagery and heightened emotions spit-shine prose and poetry. Let’s make it educational and FUN! 

Telling Tales (PreK and up)

Storytelling. Students illustrate story boxes or stones and use those items to learn the basic structure of storytelling. Creating illustrations on stones or paper cubes kindles students’ imagination, encouraging them to become independent storytellers. They learn opening hooks, setting, characters, plot, conflict, resolution, how to speak in front of a group, listening skills, vocabulary, and more.

 Family Engagement Activities: These after-school activities are designed for family participation. Using my books as mentor text, family members write about personal experiences using sensory and descriptive language with a variety of literary techniques.

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